Corners in football: how to wager and win


Corners play an essential function in football, influencing the course of matches and determining the strategy of teams. By analyzing corner kick statistics, you can identify patterns that can help you predict results. This type of betting allows you to take into account many factors, such as the style of play and tactics, as well as the current form of the opponents.

This knowledge will help you understand how to use corner kick data to create a successful strategy. Let’s take a look at the different types of bets, the key factors influencing their number and offer practical advice. Our recommendations will help both beginners and experienced amateurs to make their predictions more accurate and well-founded. 

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Types of bets on corner kicks

There are lots of types of bets on corners. Knowing the most basic ones will help you with your choice, here are the more commonly used ones:

  • Total corners (over/under)

Involves selecting the total number of corners that will be awarded for the match. It is necessary to predict whether this number will be more or less than a certain value. This approach allows you to take into account the dynamics of the game and the attacking style of both sides.

  • Individual total of corners

A bet on the number of corners awarded by a particular side. By analyzing the statistics of previous matches and taking into account tactical peculiarities, it is possible to make a reasonable prediction. For example, if one of the sides is known for its active attacking play, the probability of a large number of corners from its side is high.

  • First corners

This involves determining which side will be the first to take a corner kick. It is important to take into account the starting activity and the mindset to quickly seize the initiative. Analyzing the opening minutes of previous matches can give useful clues.

  • Last corner kicks

It is necessary to predict which side will take the last corner kick of the match. This usually depends on which side is more active in finishing the game. Sides looking to score in the final minutes often earn more corners.

  • Corner Kick Winner

Predicts which side will score the most corners in a match. It is important to consider the general style of play and tactics of both sides. Attacking teams tend to get more corners, which increases their chances of success in this type of betting.

Factors affecting the number of corners

The number of corners in a match depends on many factors that are worth considering when predicting. One of the main factors is the style of play of the teams. Teams that prefer attacking football with a lot of flank attacks are more likely to earn corners. Such teams try to get to the opponent’s goal through the flanks, which leads to more blocked crosses and shots, and as a result, more corner kicks.

Another important aspect is the tactics for the match. Depending on the opponent and the current position in the standings, coaches can choose more attacking or defensive tactics. For example, if a team needs to score, they will attack more and the probability of corners will increase. On the other hand, defensive teams, especially when playing against stronger opponents, may kick the ball out of the box more often to slow down the pace of the attack.

The physical fitness and motivation of the players should also be taken into account. Important matches, such as finals or derbies, are often fought more intensely, which can lead to more corners. The condition of the pitch and weather conditions can also play a role. For example, a wet pitch can encourage more frequent ricochets and blocked kicks, increasing the number of corners. On the other hand, strong winds can make it more difficult to make accurate crosses and lead to more inaccurate kicks, which will also increase the number of corners.

Tips for betting on corners

By analyzing and understanding the game beforehand, you can increase the likelihood of succeeding in predicting corner kicks. The right approach includes studying statistics, taking into account various factors and developing your own strategy.

  • Studying statistics and tactics

To begin with, it is important to carefully study the statistics of the matches. Pay attention to the number of corners earned and allowed by both sides on average per game. Pay special attention to recent matches to understand current form and tactical changes. If a team regularly earns a lot of corners and the opponent often allows them, this can be a good reason to bet.

  • Take into account the motivation and importance of the match

Important matches, such as derbies, finals or games with high tournament stakes, are often fought more intensely. In such cases, teams may show more activity in attack, which leads to an increase in the number of corners. It is also worth considering the motivation of the players: for example, if one side needs to score to win, they will attack with more intensity, increasing the number of corners.

  • Analysis of weather and field conditions

External factors such as pitch and weather conditions can have a significant impact on the number of corner kicks. A wet or uneven pitch can lead to more ricochets and blocked kicks, which increases the likelihood of corner kicks. Study the weather forecast carefully and take it into account when making your decision.

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Betting on corner kicks offers sports prediction enthusiasts ample opportunities for analysis and strategic approach. Taking into account the variety of factors that influence the number of corner kicks in a match, it is possible to develop effective strategies based on statistics, tactics and the current state of the teams. It is important to remember that successful predictions require in-depth analysis and constant monitoring of events, as well as taking into account external factors such as weather conditions and player motivation.

By applying the tips and recommendations presented in this article, you will be able to improve the accuracy of your predictions and achieve consistent results. A sensible approach to data analysis and careful observation of the game will help you make informed decisions and minimize risks. Don’t forget that success in this business comes with experience and perseverance, so keep learning, improving and enjoying the process.